2022 Year in Review


My thoughts and experiences

Things I learned

At the beginning of the year I started learning C++ through a group project for a course.

In the same semester, I learned about Turing Machines (Theoretical CS) and the basics of web development.

I also did some Multivariable Calculus which I almost entirely forgot.

Then, during the summer I had my second internship.

I learned about and worked on some ML and data engineering projects. Technologies include: Spark, python and Azure cloud.

I also started my first web app with my friend Devan. We used Django and React.

Finally, this past semester I rediscovered the beauty of mathematics through Combinatorics and Numerical Methods.

These two classes have rekindled my interest in doing a Master’s degree in Mathematics later on.

I also took a class on Operating Systems which I found very interesting, so much so, that I convinced myself to learn more about concurrency techniques.

Things I want to learn

The new language I want to learn is Rust. I believe that it will be instrumental to my growth as a developer.

I would also like to use low-level system tools such as Kubernetes or Docker; atleast to get a surface understanding of their powers in the industry.

Finally, I want to start reading a few journal papers.

For the sole reason that it is quite difficult…

and that I can develop some important foundational reading skills.

Things I am proud of

I am most proud of my shift in mentality.

Of understanding the time commitment to get good grades,

Of avoiding shortcuts and things that are too good to be true,

Of the importance in focus and persistence among any pursuit,

Of understanding and accepting the sacrifice required for such pursuits,

I am most proud of my growth in character, and being content with myself.

Other Endeavors

I now want to briefly touch upon my two other hobbies: jiu-jitsu and music.

In jiu-jitsu, I have regained a love of exercise and learning techniques.

Throughout the year, I have progressed a lot and achieved 4 stripes on my white belt.

I recently started practicing leg-locks and will try to improve this part of the game further this year.

In music I had a lot of ups and downs, especially recently.

I stayed consistent with practicing throughout the first half of the year,

I ended up learning a few pieces on the church organ, and also some jazz on the piano.

However, these past two months, the interest hasn’t been there..

Final Thoughts


What a year it has been.

I learned many new things, made many more mistakes, and the results speak for themselves.

I must deeply thank important mentors such as Lex and his intriguing hosts, a few folks at my gym, and finally, my friends and my family.

Everybody around me are the fuel that keep me well and alive, ready to stride.

Thank you infinitely, for everything.

Happy year 2023!